Hey guys!

For those who have given me birthday wishes, thank you! You all are very important to me during my time in the wiki, and I really appreciate each of you guys.

Thank you! (Serendipitacely, TMMLWG, Beaker09, Krazy4Kris, WaffleTail, and many more who haven't given me one yet. But I can undestand it, you all have something to do in this big world)

Remember, when you need help, you can always count on everyone, including this guy.

Because he's always there to help you.

Because you all have done so much to me, from one way to another.

Thank you, again!

"I'm tearing up... So sweet..."

"Not now, Lola. Zane, take her outside."

"Hah, you're obviously hiding it!"

"Don't make this any harder, or I'll make you drink my tears."

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