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  • WaffleTail260

    Mer Christmas guys! And if you don't celebrate Christmas consider yourself safe from debt.

    I know it's not New Years yet, but I just want to say thanks.

    Thank you for putting up with me for almost a whole year. I've been looking back at some of my old blogs and discussions (wow I had bad spelling) and I've realized I can be a bit much. So I hope to improve in the following year.

    I've been very absent as of lately so I want to promise some things I can do.

    • A new Wowee! on Klaus and Togo (both great winter movies)
    • An increase in work on "What's the Right Direction?"
    • More involvement in the WIki as a whole
    • Especially transparent Dakota

    Also, this isn't really related to anything and I don't want to sound harsh or rude, but our MML Wiki is a lot bette…

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  • WaffleTail260

    The other day I was watching Disney+, when my meme obsesed brother came up to me and shared an idea for an MML meme.

    So I decided to make that a reality. 

    Here it is.

    Now that's acutally kind of funny. 

    Anywho. This was a pretty quick blog post.

    Okay. I thought of this after watching Klaus (loved it!). Hope ya like it!

    (Here's a higher res:

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  • WaffleTail260

    I'm on Letterbox

    November 8, 2019 by WaffleTail260

    I was inspired to join after Schaffrillas Productions new Shrek Forever After review. 

    (Low key the best ending to a YouTube video I've ever seen)

    I've been reviewing some films I have strong feelings toward so if you want to see what I have up so far look here.

    If you have any films that aren't Dwampyverse related you want to know my opinion on feel free to ask me and I will write up a review for it.

    Great site!

    (P.S. WATCH THIS AVENGERS ENDGAME REMIX ! I kind of wish Star Lord was playing this through this scene!)

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  • WaffleTail260

    Trip and Video

    October 20, 2019 by WaffleTail260

    (I'm on mobile right now so sorry if this is a little messy)

    So I'll be leaving for a week long vacation later today. Driving up to the Wyoming mountains. No family. No friends. Just me up in the mountains.

    I'll have time to catch up with the TMMLWG AU, Big Hero 6; The Series, and Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. 

    I'll also be working on a sequel video to a meme-like video I Made yesterday. I'm planning on releasing it on YouTube. May have to be a new channel though so I'll announce that when it comes to that.

    Cant wait to come back!

    P.S. This meme would feature my face, is that something you'd want to see? My skin can be a bit acne-ey (I just got some medication to help with that).

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  • WaffleTail260

    Random Guy With Hair (mumbling): Candace Against the Universe. My Syr.. (breathes in)

    (Garnet skillfully lands next to Randy)

    Garnet:  Take a moment to think of ju-

    Randpm Guy With Hair: JUST CAN IT, WON'T YA?! 

    (wink, wink)

    This is the second post in a row with an absolutely horrendous pun-title hybrid. I'm done. Come on Gar'.

    (Randy grabs Garnets arm and kicks the studio door open)

    So. I would like to talk about the big ol' topic going around. Candace Against the Universe. 

    No, I'm not taking Wiki Guy's idea of talking about CATU. It's a normal and expected topic for us to eventually talk about. 

    Now when it comes to when I first heard of this. I was excited.

    That hype has gone down a little, but at the time I was intrigued. 

    I was relieved to find…

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