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So same with my "Theory Corner's" this is a series of blog posts that I will be doing. These will be Charater reviews I have done two other character reviews one about Phineas on this wiki and a character review of the Fireside Girls on the PnF Wiki. It's called "Character Inator"

Random Guy with Hair: "Wow, what a horrible name!"

Doof: "Heh heh, I know right!"

Doof: "Dan, Swampy you can still edit those episodes right?"

Swampy: "We asked you in those recordings if you we're sure about the whole -inator thing"

Dan: "Ya and you said absolutely, but then again I can't really understand you."

Monogram: "You need a voice like this to get respecet DoofenHURTS!"

Doof: "And a wig, MonoBROW!"

Monogram: "No Comment"

Anywho let's get started. So Today's Character-inator is going to be about Bradley . I rewatched the episodes were he at least get's something intresting. But before we jump into that one I'm going to have a first "Reflection section". Where I will talk about my first impressions of the character.

Reflection Section

So at after I watched "Going the Extra Milo" I didn't like Bradley. He just didn't seem that intresting to me because I thought he was just the typical nerd/bratt, but boy did that change!

Now onto the my questions about Bradley from the oldest Bradley episode:"Going the Extra Milo" to the newest Bradley episode:"Snow Way Out". In a section a like to call "Question Section" this features all of the intresting things and thought on those things. (Does that makes sense?). (If you want the 'Question Section" name to change please tell me i'm not found of it right now)


1. Does He Have a Crush on Mellisa?

First off I do not ship Bradley and Melissa. 

It has been teased multiple time that Bradley has a crush on Melissa . I'm pretty sure he does because he show that he wants to sit by her two times ("Rooting for the Enemy "), Named his team Team Melissa ("Sunny Side Up "), and in a promo from Disney XD Africa's YouTube Channel it say's the Bradley feels he is the perfect soulmate for Melissa. 

But I'm going to look for some more subtle refrences to him having a crush on Melissa, 

In the bus he smiles at her even when Melissa's not talking or looking at/to him ("Going the Extra Milo"),

What if Bradley realizing that she likes Milo more than him so he comes prepared like Milo and bring a shovel to school ("Snow Way Out"),

Also to do with "Snow Way Out" Bradley starts a bet with Melissa because he knows she likes betting. But when she says no, he sweetens the deal just so he can talk to her a little more.

This is just meant for a joke, but he seems to like things that despence liquid. Think about it Carla despences ice cream, Bradley winks at a Drinking fountain which despences water.

Winking At the Water Fountain

(sure it's probably just him trying to get a better view of the water but I stand by my evidence), and Melissa despences....... Well go ask your health teacher.

3. When Did the Hate Come?

When we meet Milo, Bradley is on the same side walk being AFRAID of him, NOT hating Milo's existence. And then he starts hating him in "The Undergrounders".

But then again the pic of the episode where Milo meets Melissa when their 6 years old. The scipt says Bradley will say "Oooooh Milo Murphy". I wonder what he will sound like when he's a kid, I know, I know, he already is a kid but you know I mean. 

But anywho the anwser is not very clear YET. My money is on him developing a hatred for Milo in the unamed episode were Milo, Melissa, Bradley are kids (somehow with Doof).

"My money is on your blogs getting canceled, and there's not even a network to cancel you. That's how bad you are"-Random Guy with Hair.

4. Phineas and Bradley?

This is a personal question, but I stick to my name!

"Personal?, is that another word for stupid?, well then ,you are a very personal guy!"-Random Guy with Hair. 

We all know Phineas. Phineas is the positive, creative, trinagular headed kid.                                                                                            Where as Bradley is the negative, non-creative, non-trinagluar headed kid.

Yet they're both voiced by Vincent Martella. I never thought they sounded like each other. Untill "The Phineas and Ferb Effect" with Bradley saying "W-Wait a minute! Why am I still part plant?!". And then in "Snow Way Out" he sounds exactly like he did before.

Anywho let's get in who is MY favorite character. So Phineas can create pretty much anything cause of TPnFE (The Phineas and Ferb Effect) and almost never questions how things could go wrong because of TPnFE. And Bradley is a kid who wants to be noticed by people and has dislikes.

Phineas is a great person to look up to. But as a character that I can listen to and understand what he's going through Bradley is a better character, however..... we have seen SOOOOO little of Bradley! Think of all of the episodes that he really matters. Here's the list.

  1. "Going the Extra Milo"
  2. "The Undergrounders"
  3. "Rooting for the Enemy "
  4. "Sunny Side Out"
  5. "Some Like it Yacht "
  6. "Snow Way Out"

HE ONLY MATTERS IN 6 EPISODES OUT OF 39 CURRENT EPISODES!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?!? Bradley is hilarious to listen to and sure Phineas is funny too. But right know 'till Bradley get's used for his full potential! I'm going to have to go with Phineas. 

Time for a section I like to call called "Tiny Details". "Tiny?, that reminds me of my confidence in you"-Random Guy with Hair. These will feature little detail that I noticed while re-watching episodes featuring him.

Tiny Details

  1. In the museum he looks looks bored. (The Undergrounders)
  2. He has long legs when annoyed by Milo. Huh!,Maybe it's his super power.("Rooting for the Enemy") I'm just trying to throw out a stupid theory.
  3. We don't see the Sentient Blob attacking him. ("The Substitute")
  4. When Doof run's over to give Milo "his lunch" Chad and Logan smile at Doof, but Bradley had to be orginal and thrown at Doof. ("Snow Way Out")
  5. When him and Melissa are talking about if Zack and Milo are going to make it to school they mostly only say Milo's name and not both of them ("Going the Extra Milo, "Snow Way Out")

Anywho this Blog was really fun to do it was great rewtaching episodes ALONE for once. I felt like a professional idiot. Look at my perspective in this situation, I have to ignore every explosion!, every wrecking ball!, every soon to be destroyed Pistachio! Just to look at this black haired, gray suited kid. How sad is that!

Conclusions: Bradley is an underused, yet great character that always manages to make me laugh. And He loves things that despence liquid.

                                                                   Persevere, Seize the Day, and Wink at Drinking Fountains- WaffleTail ​​​​​


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