So recently I have been working a lot on the Disney Wiki.

I'm trying to add more info and pictures to MML character pages, episode pages, and major location pages.

It's honestly a little sad how little information some of the pages have. I was looking at Elliot's page over there and it still stated Danville as "Swamp City". No joke. I corrected it know, but that's just ridiculous. 

For some characters it even lists that there "hometown" is Swamp City, California? What?

So I'm gonna try to spend some more time over there.

None of this will effect my time here though.

I think I've chosen some pretty good pics of the characters so far.

I choose new pics for:

So definatley check to see if you agree with my choice of photos.

Lets talk in the comments (jeez. I sound like Valiskbum94 up in here)

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