Hey, The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki

Here was your commet on your blog titled "Welcome Waffletail260".

WOW. Just... Wow.

Look, man, what you said about me being the reason you decided to start making blogs here...

Thank you.

You have no idea what that means to me. My mission in life is to make people happy. To spread joy and love. To help people improve and to inspire them to create. To live. To be themselves.

To know that I did something to be the reason you now make blogs...

I am eternally happy.

I wish you all the luck and hope to see you prosper here! You're showing much promise and I must say, the random guy with hair is becoming a much loved feature (I too like to have random people talk in my work. You may have detected Cav and Dak discuss topics in my blogs. Yeah, because he won't stop talking. Hey, he was talkin' 'bout the two of us. AT LEAST I HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO SAY! Guys! Not now!)

Sorry about that.

Anyway, keep up the great work, man! Oh, and if I may ask, what was the fanfic that was so awesome, and which one of my blogs was your favorite, and or the one that inspired you to make blogs? I hope it's ok that I'm asking, I'm just curious. Don't feel pressured to answer.

Don't worry about me being pressured there will always be pressre (it's just a lot of pressure). I will gladly answer your questions. And I would like to ask you a few at the end.

And by the way having my name one of your blogs is a huge honnor. I mean one day I was on this wiki and found one of your blogs and then I read a lot more of them. And to have my name in one of them is amazing. (sorry if this is weird)

I actually don't have any really great fanfic ideas quiet yet, but i'll think of some soon. "Cool, while you do that i'll think of thing I can do to waste my time, like reading your blogs WaffleTail!"-Random Guy with Hair. If you have any plots that you would like me take my own spin on please tell me!

My favorite blog you've posted is 100% "Fun Day" at least I think thats what you called it. It was the one where Milo and Mellisa go to have fun without Zack. It's a great plot idea. After I read it I was like "Wow, Dan and Swampy need to see this and make it a real episode, cuz this is AMAZING!." I will commet on the real fanfic blog later.

And I just wanted to say I have read your Cavendish x Dakota fanfics and they are good to! And this is coming from a guy who dosen't really ship them.

Ok I would like to ask you some questions now if that's ok.

  1. Have you ever have any close calls dropping out on Millisa?. Cuz I have and it's getting kind of worring who know maybe they are just pulling a Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable on us! I hope I won't drop out though. Cuz I can just see Milo and Amanda having a big fight and breaking up in my head.
  2. Have you watched Kim Possible?
  3. And finally what is your least favorite song in MML. I reckon mine's Llama.

Any way you're a great guy and keep the great work up

P.S. I agree with you the Big City Greens Wiki it needs to be cleaned up a little.


                                                                                           Persevere and seize the day!,                                                                                                                                                                        WaffleTail

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