So I recently got a new phone and I wanted to save all my progress with "If I Dakn't Cav You" (which was all done and ready to go) and "The Ballad of the Lonesome Lawn Gnome".

But before I got around to saving them to the new phone I accediently deleted all my videos and progress from those two projects and a few more that were about to be annonced. I will do my best to try to find them off the cloud, believe me I'm pissed at myself. 

I hope you guess can hold on and wait for me to sort this out. If so thanks a million.

Persevere, Live and Learn, Seize the Day, and check before you delete something like a idiot

(Sorry if I sound a little dried or depressed, it's only because I'm pretty mad at myself. If there is anything good coming out of this, it's that I found a ton of old footage me and my best friend/lawyer made for movies when we we're 9 or 10! So that's pretty cool. The movies are bad (like REALLY BAD) but still entertaining)

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