Hey, Murphy's Lawyers

In the next week or so. I will be making some changes to the way I contribute here.

So first off I am going to start a new series of blogs that will feature characters from other movies/shows and seeing who they would be in MML. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say here. If you have any movie/show's that you want me to see what their characters would be in MML please share on my Message Wall. For example: The Grinch. (if you haven't seen the 2018 version yet then go check it out. In my opinion it's the best version we have right now.)

I will also bring new pics. of episodes. I brought a lot of pictures from "The Phineas and Ferb Effect" and I am really proud of the pictures. The reason I am doing this is because recent epiosdes like "Agee Ientee Diogee" have 10 or so pictures. Now I am not saying that this wiki is just about the pics. I just think it would be a neat thing to say. (wow I just sounded like Cricket). 

So a thought of a new section for Character pages. It would be full of their likes. For example one Dakota's Likes: Singing the Zoo Song. I think it would be cool information to have on their page. And we could even a dislikes section if that's not to much. For example. One of Martins' Dislikes: Soy Dogs. Please tell me your opinion on this subject. 

This one is about the slideshow I talked about in my message titled "Big News" The slideshow (as of know) has 6999 slides! Me and Serendipitacely are seeing if there is anyway or anywhere we can put the slideshow on the wiki. Hoplefuly there is. The slideshow is titled "11 Years of Dwampy Toons". It features pics. from all the episodes of MML AND PnF. It is almost half way finished. Hope I can finish it soon! 

I hope you are exited for the future!

Persevere and Seize the Day!- WaffleTail

P.S. The movie/show camparison things are going to be called "Wowwe!"

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