So by now most of us are all aware of the vandle situation that took place today.

I, like others, dredded it. I was pissed that someone can just join on the wiki and delete anything and everything we've poured our hearts in.

But, it is over.

Most of the damage has been undoned (is that a word?). But one peice of the damage is still here:

When on the characters page, we can not see the full body pics (well, we can with a handfull of them like Milo and Cavendish).

Instead we see the first pic of the article.

Is it just me or is this kind of annoying? I loved seeing the characters face so I could tell what I was clicking on. 

Yes there is a name next to it, but still! I loved looking at their heads.

I don't know if there is a way to make the full body pictures come back, but if you know of a way please tell me.

Anywho, glad to be back on the wiki!

Let's make MML wiki great again! (Get it? Because GreenHornet accused LoveRu to be a Trump supporter? Ya. Not one of my best jokes)

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