So since I had nothing to do today, I decided to make some depressing Milo memes.


Waldorf: Anything to see something entertaining from you!

Statler and Waldorf: Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!

(Random Guy With Hair sits a chair next to Televisons most famous hecklers)

Random Guy With Hair: Yea! I'm liking these guys

Waldorf: Wait another heckley that cimes in at random?...So Waffle copied us? 

Statler: You got to admit, Randy here sure looks good.

(Random Guy With Hair blushes)

Waldorf: While it is true that he does has a bag over his head...but I garentee he looks better that Waffle!

Statler, Waldorf, Random Guy With Hair: Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!

Random Guy With Hair: BRADLEY! Look up if it's possible to adopt parents!


Well. I've been watching The Muppets too much. 

Who am I kidding! There is no limit!

Anywho! Hope you enjoy the memes!

Comment below your favorites!

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