It's clear to all of us. The Dwampyverse seems to be at an alarming halt as far as content goes.

Yes, we do have the new Phineas and Ferb Movie to look forward too which I have to say I'm excited to see how it connects to the rest of the universe. But let's save that for a seperate blog.

Yes. MML may be coming to an end (R.I.P. Milo), but that doesn't mean Dan and Swampy will stop working for Disney. Disney does trust them for good content. They just didn't for MML for some reason.

So I've done some digging and thought of some future ways for this universe to continue in a way I would be okay with, and hopefully you guys too. 

(This isn't counting the new PnF movie)

So let's go ahead.

A Whole New Series

This seems like the most obvious answer, but it's a rather empty topic to talk about.

Unless we know this is right and know the plot we can't really talk about the possibility.

All I want to say about this is that I looked up "Dwampyverse" on Google to try and find fan art and I came across these two photos:

Weird right? The "show's" name even sounds weird and fake. I mean, "Emerald and her Great Big Idea"? That's just suspicious.

Yes it has the style as the rest of the Dwampyverse, but the first photo looks incredibly fake. But, the second one has a bit more lighting to it though.

I do not think these photos are real. They look like a fan made these photos, put them on their TV, turned the lights down, and took a photo of the photos on the TV to make it look they were leaked from Disney Animation Studios.

But, what do you guys think?

Also I think it would be funny if a tradition for the Dwampyverse shows would be the B-Plot characters from the previous show come and live or interact with the main character.

Like instead of Doof living with the Murphy's maybe in the next show it would be Cavendish and Dakota living with "Emerald" or whatever their next show will be.

Phineas and Ferb Continued

In my opinion the most likely of the suggestions and the one I would like to avoid the most.

The show would be a continuation of the episode "Act Your Age". With all of the characters in college now. Every episode would be about a different character and their college life.

For example:

Episode 1: Phineas and Isabella

Episode 2: Ferb

Episode 3: Baljeet

Episode 4: Buford

And then a Phineas and Isabella episode and you keep going down the list.

This is the best way to do it in my opinion.

1. So we can have a story instead of the same plot over and over again.

2. The four episode for each character may work with Disney's new strategy with having a new episode all week (Monday-Thursday). So we can have our Phineas and Isabella episode on Monday, Ferb on Tuesday (the most british day of the week), Baljeet on Wednesday, and Buford on Thursday. The episode dumping strategy was used for the first season of Amphibia and it has been working quite nicely if you ask me.

3. It avoids the need to put Perry, Doof, or any other B-Plot characters in. This of course would just make the canon even more confusing and I think that's the last thing we want. Dan and Swampy can create new characters to voice, maybe in the form of a teacher or friend to one of the kids or something.

4. Why are Phineas and Isabella sharing there own episode you ask? Because we all know Phinbella fans, they'd go crazy if they weren't together. I myself have never hardcore shipped them, but hey, there a little cute I guess. The only time I really shipped them was in "Act Your Age".

So ya, what do you think of that? Yes, the Ferb episode may be a bit boring, unless we get to see Ferb grow as a character and see his "secret life" that was mentioned in the first movie. (Seriously, I don't think I've ever had a line bug me more than that one!).

Conected Show

This has 2.6% chance of actually happening. A show with the MML characters and PnF characters interacting constantly.

Random Guy With Hair: So Season 2 of MML? 

(Seinfield jingle intensifies)

Ha ha, yes S2 of MML did push PnF a lot, but this show could use that to it's advantage by putting two characters from the show together to see what happens. 

Like Lydia and Stacey or Cavendish and Lawerance (please, please, please)

I don't know, this idea kind of excites me and makes me wonder about ideas the show could explore.

Disney may not have the guts to give this kind of show a shot, but I still think it would be a lot of fun.

Concluding Thoughts

I would prefer one more season of MML above all of these, but for now I'd settle for any one of these ideas.

I will watch whatever Dan and Swampy create or work on next, but 'till then I want to hear what you guys think!

Persevere, Seize the Day, and #JusticeForMilo!

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