Dear, Murphy's Lawyers

First off I love "The Phineas and Ferb Effect". Some People may disagree with this, but personally I love it. I was always afraid on how they would use Phineas. Because Phineas and Milo have one big simulatity they're both really positive. But when the crossover came out Phineas wasn't that positive.

Sure their are episodes in PnF where he isn't positive. For example "Night of the Living Pharmacists". But That wasn't my only problem with Phineas because even though what the situation he always smilies when he's by people. But in the song "How Do I Do It" when Milo is on the exercise bike Phineas is just emotionlessly looking at Milo.

That's not the Phineas I remember from Phineas and Ferb. This May not be a huge deal, but I thought it was intresting how they used Phineas in the Crossover. But on a positive not their was one scene that made me say "Yes!, that is exactly how they would interact with each other!". That scene was the "When life cruches your lemons use a a radioactive watermelon to recharge your exosuit scene" I'll work shop the name later. 

The writers did a exceptonal job with Phineas. After all it's just like in the song "Today is going to be exceptional!"

P.S. So ya this ws my first real post and I think I did a decent job with it or even exeptional "How many times is going to say that word?! Great now I just said it"-Random Guy with Hair.

                                                                                                                                Sincerely, WaffleTail

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