RGWH: Ah. Great. Waffle's righting these daily now.

(Doof runs to RGWH half dressed putting on his lab coat)

Doof: Wait, he's doing these blog things again?

RGWH: Apparently.

Yep. That's right friends!

These blogs will be coming out daily again! Maybe not everyday, but you catch my drift.

So to start off the daily blogs, I thought I would discuss a very small detail I caught while updating Carl and Monogram's galleries.

So in "Agee Ientee Digoee" we see Monogram and Carl holding their phones and sharing a video of Doof screwing up. Here is what their phones look like in the episode:
Agee Ientee Diogee (79)

As you can see, Carl's phone is red and Monogram's phone is black.

But, in "Milo in Space" (when the two are seen looking at phones) Monogram is holding the red one, while Carl is holding the black one.

MIS (2)

So I see two possible explaintions too..Well explain this:

1. This is just a continuity mistake. It happens.

2. Monogram made Carl switch phones with him - For whatever reason. Maybe Monogram's was running out of batteries and saw that Carl's had more battery and made him switch with him. Sounds like something he would do.

3 (Thanks Cool Genius). Carl wanted to buy the same phone as Major Monogram, but Major Monogram also decided to buy the same phone as Carl.

Anywho, hope you enjoyed the blog. I understand if you don't comment on this blog since this is a pretty small subject. Anywho, I hope you had a decent time!

Persevere, Seize the Day, and-


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