Hey, Murphy's Lawyers 

So on my last blog Arend had a comment that was really insightfull. But since it's a long comment i'm not going to copy and paste it here so just go read it in the comments section of my last blog.

After you read the comment read bellow

You actually mad a great point. It really insightfull how you compared it to Marco and Jackie from Star. You have convinced me that if Milo and Melissa become a thing it's not going to be "Milo: Oh no me and Amanda broke up, hey Mellisa want to get togther?". THAT'S JUST STUPID."That reminds me of someone I know."-Random Guy with Hair, that's not going to happen. And if Milissa ever does happen it needs to happen in season three, and that may not even be possible at this point. 

But on the other hand Disney Channel has had a couple start out as friends. For example (SPOILER WRANING FOR KIM POSSIBLE) Wait do I even need a spoiler warning for a show that ended 12 years ago? "I wish you ended 12 years ago"-Random Guy with Hair. Anywho, in Kim Possible Kim had a crush on a kid named Josh Mankey, but then she got over Josh and fell for Ron in the movie.

So it could be just like that, but instead of Milo having a crush on somebody who doesn't matter Dan and Swampy have him date his crush and have them have cute momments together. But PLOT TWIST Amanada gets over obsessed with everything they do being perfect. And it gets so bad Milo can't even be himself. So he realizes while on a date with Amanda that there is only one girl that he can be around and be himself around and that is Mellisa. BOOM. But he doesn't immediately break up with her he lets her go slowly she over reacts. But even after that he dosen't go to Mellisa on his knee begging for her. He realizes that Zack and Melissa could like each other and is to late. But then "Fun Day" (from The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guys' Oneshot: 6) . Happens and he gets hope again that they could get together and even if they don't she will always be friends. And other stuff happens. I don't know what, because I don't want to ruin what I got here (I know it's not great, but it's not terrible), but if you want to continue this story I came up with please go ahead. Anywho let's get to conclusions. 

Conclusion: What i'm trying ot say is if I was talking to Dan and Swampy and I asked if Milo and Melissa would ever get together and they said "NEVER!"  I would be okay with that. I'm fine with Armadilo, but if I could get Millisa to happen. I would take it. I would just need to go back in time and tease Millissa so when it does show up it's not completly random OR just have my fanfic happen over episodes. 

P.S. Hope this doesn't make you cringe or rage and if so, sorry never wanted that to happen.


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