Dear, Murphy's Lawyers

Since their first apperance in "The Note" i've been thinking on what their goal is. Of course i'm talking about the Government Guys. The've only appeared in two episodes (The Note and Family Vacation). And according to the wiki their suppossed to appear in "Now I Am a Murphy". So let's start on what we know about them.

  1. They have access to a disintegration/reintegration ray.
  2. There's at least three agents in the orginization.
  3. They have named a portion of Danville "The Murphy Sector".
  4. The one with blue glasses is named Liutenant Tenant.
  5. Liutenant Tenant can drive (is that what you call it when your in controll of a helicoptor?) a helicopter with a claw on the bottom of it. 
  6. Liutenant Tenant has a brother-in-law and a lawn mower.
  7. They have a spy drone.
  8. They have disintegrated more than a few astronauts.
  9. They could be a major theme in a future episode because they are in the title sequence and just about everything else in the title sequence has been touched upon in episodes.                                                                                                                                                                       

So I thought why not theorize on what they are trying to do here. Note: Some of my theories were just jokes and this was the most appealing theory I thought of. "I thought everything in here was a joke"- Random Guy with Hair. After a few days I finally found a reason witch could be their goal. They are trying to get rid of the Giant Floating Baby Head. HOLD ON! I know this sounds stupid, but I think I got some good evidence.

First they find the G.F.B.H. (Giant Floating Baby Head) by using their spy drone. Use the helicoptor and capture it with the claw. Bring it back to their base and use the desintegration ray to desintegrate the G.F.B.H.

Conclusions: So I thought of this explanation a few days ago. I had fun thinking of it and making it. Tell me your thoughts.

                                                                                         By: WaffleTail

P.S. This is my first real theory and for a first I don't think I did too bad.

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