Hey, Murphy's Lawyers

So ever since "Fungus Among Us" aired people found out a plot whole in the Tri-State Universe

Melissa: "Is that what he's calling it?"

Zack: "Ya, why not Danville Dimension?"

Milo: "Actually I kind a like it"

Bradley: "Of course YOU would"

Random Guy with Hair: "I like this kid!"

Bradley: "Are we related?"

Random Guy with Hair: "Do you have hair and hate someone that just trying to be happy?"

Bradley: "Ya"

Random Guy with Hair: *sniffs* "Welcome to the Family"

Xavier Onassis

Professor Onassis

Anywho, the plot hole was that in MML it shows that Doof/Professor Time created time travel, but in PnF it says that it was Xavier Onassis who created time-travel

So the question is who is did create time travel.

Obviously who ever created time travel has to be extremely smart.

"So not you, was that good?"- Bradley.

"Ya just try to make it longer so it really sticks with the idiot"- Random Guy with Hair. 

Or they could be from the future, both of them make sense. So we know Doof is the likely candidate for the position. But then again Xavier Onassis is still up for deabate so what does he have to do with all this? Well, looking at all the evidence we have I think i've cracked it with this fanfic story I like to call "Lost in 1875"

Time Stream

(time machine in the time stream driven by none other but Xavier Onassis holding a corndog)

Onassis: Well this is a horrible corndog, you hear that 1941!

(he bites into it the corndog, but quickley spits it into the time stream when he sees a portal sucking him in)

(zoom up to Cavendish and Dakota's time vehicle)

Dakota: Should we report that?

(looks over at his Cavendish)

Cavendish: No! (wipes Onassis's chewed up corndog of his face) This is not over Onasiss!

Dakota: Why did you say that?

Cavendish: Me? Oh, i'm just trying to make a reference.

Dakota: Oh yea, that's a good one.

Cavendish: *blushes* Well, Thank you


(Onasiss falling out of the time stream in his time vehicle and crashing down in the town in the old west)

(Onasiss getting out of a wrecked time vehicle)

Onasiss: Oh no!, I think a scratched it a little!

Sheriff Murphy: I reckon that be a little more than scratched partner.

Onassis: Who are you?

Sherrif Murphy: Me, i'm the sherrif 'round these parts, Sherrif Murphy, the only sherrif.

Onassis: Well nice to meet you Murphy. Could you help me move this, uh.....

Sherrif Murphy: Time Vehicle?

Onassis: Yep (looks back at his time vehicle, quikley looks back at Sherrif Murphy shocked) wait how do you know what it is?

Sherrif Murphy: Oh, we get a lot of Time Traveler's in these parts.

Onassis: Really, how much?

Sherrif Murphy: Everybody, 'ecept for me.

(Onassis smiles sheepishly)

Onassis: You have any ladies here?

Sherrif Murphy: Don't get weird

Pulling Onassis's Time Vehicle by Horse

Onassis: So where are we taking this thing.

Sherrif Murphy: Off to the Time Machine Junkyard.

Onassis: Wait, so no one has ever made it out of here?

Sherrif Murphy: Nope, no one has.

Onassis: Well i'm sure I could talk some sense into the other time-travelers.

Sherrif Murphy: Um, sure you can try I guess.

Onassis: What do you mean by that?

Sherrif Murphy: Well, me and Deborah have tried to help them see that they should go back. 

Onasiss: Who's Deborah?

(A middle aged woman a.k.a. Deporah appears out of no where)

Deborah: I am

Sherrif Murphy: Deborah! Where have you been? I haven't seen you since the Alpaca Accident!

Deborah: Got lost in Madagascar.

Sherrif Murphy: What's a Madagascar?

Deborah: Who's asking?

Onassis: Excuse me? Hello! What do you mean you tried to tell them?

Deborah and Sherrif Murphy: Well, when 5 or so time-travelers....

(Sherrif Murphy and Deborah look at each other)

Sherrif Murphy: You wanna tell him?

Deborah: Nah, how about we just switch off telling him?

Sherrif Murphy: Ok, but..


Deborah: Fine, I reckon your a pushy one ain't ya.

Onassis: Yes, yes I am.

Deborah: Ok, anywho when 5 or so time-travelers got here we tried to tell them they should go back to their own time.

Sherrif Murphy: But they said they said that they personally liked the western way we lived out here.

Deborah: So they all stayed here and even more time-travelers came and we were fine with it.

Sherrif Murphy: But then we realized they had family back in the future and they're probably worried sick about them.

Deborah: We told them about how their family's are probably worried, but they just shrugged it off.

Sherrif Murphy: And we haven't asked it about it since.

Onassis: When did you tell them about their family's?

Deborah: About 5 years ago.

Onassis: Well, I bet they'd have some time to think about it. You guys keep going i'll meet you guys back at the Junkyard in a few.

(runs off to The So So Saloon)

Sherrif Murphy: What does "a few" mean?

Deborah: I don't know.

The So So Saloon

(Onassis opens the swinging saloon doors)

Onassis: Cool, i've always wanted to do that!

(time-travelers look at him)

Onassis: Oh, hey!

Crowd: Who are you?

Onassis:I am Xavier Onassis! Third class B.o.T.T. time-traveler.

Crowd: Ooooooo!

Onassis: Can we stop with the all talking at once thing?

Crowd: Whatever you say.

Look out for part 2!

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