Hey, Murphy's Lawyers

So I was looking around on the wiki's list of Season Two episodes, when I found this little detail.


So I want to guys to look at last column. In these columns we can read 216 and 217.

This is intresting becuase the usual epsiode with two episodes inside one episode (or "pairings") look like this:


You see, in the average "pairing" episodes the production code has an "A" after the first paired episode and a "B" after the second paired episode.

Where as the 20 and 40 minute specials DON'T have any letters after their production code. So does this mean that these two TBA episodes are both 20 or 40 minute episodes?

If so, then we would have to extra lenght episodes in a row! That would be great!

Who knows!, maybe one of these TBA episodes is the unnamed episode where Milo and Melissa meet! Granting a lot of people (including me) want that Milo and Melissa meeting episode to be given more than 11 minutes.

What do you guys think? Will we get two extra length episodes in row? Could one of these TBA episodes be the Milo and Melissa meeting episode?

Persevere and Seize the Day!

Revision: March 13, 2019

Wow, this theory didn't last long! It was only possible for two days until we got confermation that those two TBA episodes we're actually two pairings. 

Well, it was still fun making this blog, hope you guys injoyed it.

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