Hey, Murphy's lawyers, 

So this blog will be stating what I know about Season 2 of Milo Murphy's Law. "Thanks for specifying what show you were talking about, when you said season 2 I thought you were talking about Ducktales"-Random Guy with Hair. The reason i'm doing this is because a lot of people have seen leaks and so have I, but I haven't seen a whole lot. So here's what I know. 

  1. Doof's living with the Murphy's 
  2. Doof and Perry break up (how could I not hear about this really)
  3. Cavendish and Dakota get new jobs with P.I.G.
  4. Bob Block is a creep.
  5. This dosen't have anything to do with anything, but I NEED a glanket.
  6. Armadilo becomes a THING. 
  7. Aliens want Milo's DNA.
  8. I will never have the abability to pronounce "Agee Lente Diogee".
  9. Jeremy Johnson is back (still don't know how I feel about this).
  10. Scott appears for the last time (R.I.P. Scoot).
  11. Carl's back (take a hike Jeremy).

So if you're ever care about what to say around me their you go. "People care about you, this is shocking!"-Random Guy with Hair.

                                                                   Persevere, Seize the day!, and #GlanketsDeserveBetter-WaffleTail


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