Hey, Murphy's Lawyers 

Milo Murphy's Law has been the top of my top three favorite shows being.....

  1. Milo Murphy's Law
  2. Big City Greens
  3. Ducktales (Reboot)

I love these shows because of what they have in commen like their comedy and their relatable character. But their is one big difference as of January 13, 2019 MML has not made me cry. Where as Big City Greens and Ducktales have both made me cry. The BCG episode that my cry was "Phoenix Rises" and the episode in DT was "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!"

Now i'm not saying that Phineas and Ferb ever made me cry. Actually PnF did make me cry, but that was just beacause of nostalgic emotions in "Last Day of Summer". I would love to see me cry during a scene with Dakota and Cavendish spliting up or Diogee dying and Milo saying "he's going to a better home" while he's sobbing with Zack and Melissa. I know these sound cliché, but I would love to be taken by surprise by a MML episode and find myself crying. It would be a great showcase of the writers work not just Dan and Swampy's. 

Conclusions: I would love to become emotional while watching a MMl episode like me watching a PIxar movie. What do you guys think would you be okay with the show becoming a little bit more emotional and if so what would you want the emotion to come from.

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