Hey, Murphy's Lawyers!

I haven't done one of these in a while, but here it is! Today's movie is Illumination's The Grinch (2018)! This movie has everything a good reboot needs. Heart, comedy, and something else that makes a good reboot. 

When I first went to go see it I was amazed by what a good job Illumination did on it. Not to say Illumination typically has bad movies though, the only less than average ones I can think of is The Secret Life of Pets and The Lorax. 

If you haven't already seen The Grinch (2018), I fully recomend it.

Let's get to the fun!

The Grinch - Bradley Nicholson

The Grinch Vocied By: Benedict Cumberbatch

Bradley Nicholson Voiced By: Vincent Martella 

Reason: They are both stubborn and lonley, but with heart.

Quote: What is wrong with you! Didn't you see me? I mean if that was a llama, well, I'd be dead!

Cindy-Lou Who - Melissa Chase

Cindy-Lou Who Voiced By: Cameron Seely

Mellisa Chase Voiced By: Sabrina the Teenage Witch.... I mean Sabrina Carpenter

Reason: They both are tough and caring girls who care about their parent.
Quote: I'm sorry for bumping into you, but this is really important. Have you seen my math book?

Max - Diogee

Max Voiced By: Unknown

Diogee: Dee Bradley Baker

Reason: Both lovable and trustworthy dogs.
Quote: Arf!

Fred - Lardee Boy

Fred Voiced By: Unknown

Lardee Boy Voiced By: Unknown

Reason: Fat and lovable creatures.
Quote: Lardeeeeeeeeeeee (ya they don't make a whole lot of noices, so I tried to make lardee sound live a moose noise, you got a problem with that?)

Donna Who (Cindy's Mom) - Richard Chase

Donna Who Voiced By: Rashida Jones

Richard Chase Voiced By: Adrian Pasdar

Reason: They are both single and stressed parents.

Quote: -They still got you on that run away antique fire engine chase, huh?

- Sure do.

Groopert - Zack Underwood

Groopert Voiced By: Tristan O'Hare

Zack Underwood Voiced By: Mekai Curtis

Reason: They are both tough and worried kids.
Quote: Wow. And I just asked him for a chance to see Hamosaur 2.

Mr. Bricklebaum - Milo Murphy

Mr. Bricklebaum Voiced By: Kenan Thompson

Milo Murphy Voiced By: Werid Al Yankovic

Reason: They are both positive and upbeat people, even to those who don't show them love back.
Quote: Is that bashful, belligerent Bradley I see standing there?

Wow! That was really short! Didn't realize that The Grinch didn't have a lot of characters.

It was fun to make though!

As always if you have any characters you would live to see be added or change tell me!

I hope you had fun!

Persevere, Carpe Diem, and Wish for a chance to see Hamosaur 2! (I know I do)

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