Hey, Murphy's Lawyers!

I can't wait to finally start this series! Sorry it took so long. The is series is going to be matching MML characters with othe movies/shows.

Today's movie is going the be Warner Brothers' The Lego Movie. If you haven't already watched The Lego Movie you have made a mistake. Watching The Lego Movie was a big momment in my life. It was the first time I was exposed to a cliffhanger. And it was really shocking to me! At least it prepared me for the Fungus Among Us cliffhanger. 

Let's get to the fun!

Emmet - Jim

Emmet Voiced By: Chris Pratt                                                               

Jim Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Reason: They are both innocent men that are ignored by society.

Quote: "Hey Plantie, what do you want to do this morning? Learn useless facts? Me too!"

Lucy / Wyldstyle - Shelly

Lucy / Wyldstyle Voiced By: Elizabeth Banks                                     

Shelly Voiced By: Olivia Olson

Reason: They are both tough and stern women.
Quote: "Come with me if you want your wrist bands Lumberzacks!"

Vitruvius - Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Vitruvius Voiced By: Vitruvius                                                             

Heinz Doofenshmirtz Voiced By: Dan Povenmire

Reason: They are both wacky misunderstood leaders that people look up to.
Quote: "I liked Balloony before it was cool".

Batman - Perry the Platypus

Batman Voiced By: Will Arnett                                                               

Perry the Platypus Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Reason: Both serious and always willing to get the job done.
Quote: "Gurn ga lingadung"

President Business - Mayor

President Business Voiced By: Will Ferrell                                           

Mayor Voiced By: Unknown

Reason: Both strict and sarcastic leaders.
Quote: "Release the sarcasm!"

Unitkitty - Sara Murphy

Unitkitty Voiced By: Allison Brie                                                             

Sara Murphy Voiced By: Kate Micucci

Reason: Both happy and very social.
Quote: "Every show is a good show, except the non-Dr. Zone ones".

Benny - Scott

Benny Voiced By: Charlie Day                                                             

Scott Voiced By: Scott Peterson

Reason: They are both loud and crazy who's ideas are often rejected.
Quote: "MILDRID!!!! MILDRED!!!! MILDED!!!!".

MetalBeard - Balthazar Cavendish

MetalBeard Voiced By: Nick Offerman                                           

Balthazar Cavendish Voiced By: Dan "Swampy" Marsh

Reason: They both are intelligent folk. Also they both take a long time before accepting the protagonist
Quote: "This here pistachio misssion. I watched Brick and Savannah completley over look it. Which means we need more missions like it!".

Bad Cop - Mr. Block

Bad Cop Voiced By: Liam Neeson                                                           

Mr. Block Voiced By: Mark Hamill

Reason: Both harsh and often mad important figures in their jobs.
Quote: "The Pistachio Boys are no more!".

Good Cop - Bob Block

Good Cop Voiced By: Liem Neeson                                                         

Bob Block Voiced By: Mark Hamill

Reason: They are both polar opposites of their other personlaity/great-great-great-grandson.
Quote: "Hi buddies! I'm your friendly new employeer!".

"Where are my Pants?" Guy - Vinnie Dakota

"Where are my Pants?" Guy Voiced By: Craig Berry                             

Vinnie Dakota Voiced By: Dan Povenmire

Reason: Both silly and annoy their partner sometimes.
Quote: "Honey we're going to the zoooooooooo".

The Man Upstairs - Elliot Decker

The Man Upstairs Portrayed By: Will Ferrell                                       

Elliot Decker Voiced By: Christian Slater

Reason: Both love control and order.
Quote: "Look, I know it's hard to understand, but this is the Safty Czars stuff, okay? All of this you see before you can not be affected by you".

Finn - Milo Murphy

Finn Portayed By: Jadon Sand                                                               

Milo Murphy Voiced By: Al Yankovic

Reason: Both imaginative young children that believes in others.
Quote: "They're not just pistachio guards, Elliot, their the heros".

Micro Managers - Trashcandroids

Mircro Managers Vocied By: Dough Nicholas                           

Trashcandroids Voiced By: Inknown

Reason: They are both robotic antagonists.
Quote: 01000011 01101111 01101101 01101101 01100101 01101110 01100011 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01001101 01101001 01101100 01101111 00100000 01001101 01100001 01101110 01100001 01100111 01100101 01101101 01100101 01101110 01110100 (It's Binary)

Overpriced Coffee Barista - Gretchen

Overpriced Coffee Barista Voiced By: Chris McKay                             

Gretchen Voiced By: Eileen Galindo

Reason: Both are uncreative and hardley care about anything.
Quote: "That'll be one day".

Cat Lady - Ms. Murawski

Cat Lady Voiced By: Unknown                                                                 

Ms. Murawski Voiced By: Sarah Chalke

Reason: Both a little crazy and love unusual things (never said I was a cat person).
Quote: "Hold on Desk we're coming!"

This was so much fun to do! It was really good to take a another look at a famous movie. If you have a movie or show that you would like me to do next please tell me on my message wall. Can't wait to find out whats next!

Persevere and Carpe Diem!- WaffleTail

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