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  • WestWindbag

    These are the principles to which I adhere in transcription, whose wellspring is that the transcription should be complete, yet concise and easy to read.

    1. By "complete", I mean that all intelligible dialogue and all significant events, including changes in scene, are included.
      1. Aside from changes in scene, significant events include most actions taken by characters and perhaps descriptions of scenes.
        1. A scene is noted in a level 3 header (see e.g. the transcript of the episode "The Math Book"). I have yet to apply this to the other transcripts.
        2. If a significant action occurs shortly before, during, or shortly after a line, it is included therein:
          Milo: (rides up on his bike) Hey. Guys?
        3. Otherwise, it receives its own paragraph.
      2. Dialogue is transcribed …
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