Again, a topic nobody but me cares about.

I am so happy that this cartoon, Milo Murphy's Law, included railroad crossings/ railroad crossing pieces in at least a couple episodes

  1. Disaster of my Dreams
  2. The Island of Lost Dakotas

Well, in "Disaster of my Dreams" no crossing is shown but at least railroad crossing sign pieces are included

Milo Murphy's Law Disaster of My Dreams Railroad Crossing Sign 1

One showing of a railroad crossing sign.

Milo Murphy's Law Disaster of My Dreams Railroad Crossing Sign 4 (and other traffic signs)

Another shot of railroad crossing signs, including the yellow RXR (Advance Warning)sign.

Plus it's just a dream sequence experienced by Elliot Decker, but by what he's dreamed about he's seen lots of railroad crossings in his lifetime. And he obviously cares about safety including but not limited to around railroads like I am. Wonder if we'd get along if we were to meet (I know he's a cartoon character, I'm just being hypothetical) I'm very serious about railroad safety myself!

And I have to say I'm impressed with the realism, or just about, on the traffic signs in Milo Murphy's Law, they look almost realistic and more so than in lots of other cartoons! Did notice the yellow RXR sign (Railroad Crossing Ahead or Advance Warning Sign) has a white rectangle border around it, most Advance Warning Signs aren't like that in real life but I'm not complaining, I'm just impressed with the realism of the signs in general in this cartoon. But extra happy railroad crossing signs were included!

And it didn't stop there, the episode "Island of the Lost Dakotas" also included a crossing.

Milo Murphy's Law The Island of Lost Dakotas Railroad Crossing Signal

Railroad Crossing light signal as shown in "The Island of Lost Dakotas"

And this time a lighted railroad crossing signal was included, although you only get to see the bottom of the signal but at least you get to see some of the lights. And at least the signal has forward and rear-facing flashers like real signals but the crossarms and "junction box" are below the lights instead of above, still better than nothing though!

One thing though is the lights on the signal didn't seem to be functioning and a train was on the way, heading for Balthazar Cavendish! A nitpick, I know, but I'm happy there was at least a signal shown. Eh, maybe it wouldn't have made a differnce, Cavendish probably wouldn't have noticed even if the lights were flashing and the bell (if threre was one) was ringing. And by the look in the shot, he was being chased by a dog and too busy focusing on the dog and running from the dog to notice a train was coming! 

Although no railroad crossing was ever shown on the preceeding cartoon Phineas and Ferb, which I really wanted to see but didn't to my dismay, at least Milo Murphy's Law showed some references to them. Thank you Povenmire and Marsh!

Hopefully these won't be the only episodes to feature crossings or crossing devices, the episodes I'm yet to see or in upcoming episodes if this cartoon continues (and hopefully it will)  will include them too. Hopefully I can see more of a crossing signal (a whole signal,) see the lights actually flashing, and hopefully a crossing gate or two will be added, with or without red gate-mounted lights. And just to be safe, hopefully the gates are red and white striped (I mean I'll take other stripe colors but red and white is my favorite) and it doesn't matter to me if the stripes are slanted or vertical.

Know anymore Milo Murphy's Law episodes with railroad crossings, or a gated drawbridge, please drop me a line. Thank you!

For more cartoon railroad crossings, see This shows a list of cartoons, including animated movies, that featured railroad crossings, what episodes they appeared in and shows screengrabs of them! And it's a continually updated page!

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