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You wanna talk genius? How about making people believe that they needed my V-Co products? I mean, look at this vPhone 6. It's just smaller than the 5 and bigger than the 4; that is literally the only difference, and it's flying off the shelves!

— Victor Verliezer, gloating about his ingenuity while expressing his low opinion on his customers, "A Clockwork Origin"

Victor Verliezer is a businessman, the co-inventor of C.I.D.D., and former colleague of Clyde.

He is voiced by Joel McHale.


He is an extremely charismatic businessman with little to no empathy for others. He has a very high opinion of himself, comparing himself to historical figures such as Galileo and Einstein in spite of having taken most of his inventions from his former colleague, Clyde.

Victor has a very low opinion of the general public, regarding them as puppets he can manipulate at will for the sake of business.

Physical Appearance

Victor is a slender man with light skin and short black hair. He wears a grey sweatshirt with a black v-neck collar and a pair of round glasses. His pants are completely black, worn with a belt that has a small grey belt buckle. He wears a pair of grey sneakers with black stripes on the sides, white soles, and white laces.


In "A Clockwork Origin", Victor begins giving a presentation on robots, which ends disastrously with C.I.D.D. running away to find his origin. Victor gives chase and eventually captures the robot. After an argument with his old colleague, Victor goes on a rant mocking the public, which, unfortunately for him, gets live streamed by Milo, Melissa and Zack. Almost immediately, he goes out of business and loses everything.


Clyde Rickenbacker

Clyde used to be his old business partner before signing away the rights to all of his inventions, which Victor took full advantage of. Even now they bring up old arguments, with Victor getting irate when he finds out that Clyde still doesn't know the literal value of a dollar.


ClockworkOrigin (29).png

Victor is incredibly cruel to C.I.D.D., even going as far as to beat him with a hockey stick as he claims that the robot can feel pain. He sees C.I.D.D. as nothing more than a machine he can make a profit off of; because of this, he's gone through great lengths to erase the robot's memories of Clyde and punishes him with electricity when he continues to remember his past.

Because of C.I.D.D.s potential to make him money, Victor puts a major effort into getting him back when he runs away, and even fights against Clyde to get him back.

Milo, Melissa, and Zack

He chose Milo to stand on stage during his demonstration and interrupts him to make the conversation suit his presentation. When he runs into the kids again later, he gives them gift cards as thanks for finding C.I.D.D. before chasing them down after they escape with the robot. The three of them managed to put him out of business after they secretly live-streamed his rant against the public.


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“Newton. Galileo. Einstein. Verliezer. All of them changed the way man thinks, but only one of them changed the way man does. I'm referring, of course, to Victor Verliezer.”
—Victor Verliezer, introducing himself at a Vtech presentation[src]

“Do you know how bad this makes me look? I thought we got rid of that "zero zero" nonsense!”
“We did a full memory wipe!”
“Well, do it again!”
Victor Verliezer and a Vtech engineer, discussing C.I.D.D's "zero zero" bug[src]

“You can erase his memory a million times, but those early days we spent together when I taught him to juggle, those are burned into his hardware, and you'll never get him to forget me.”
“Well, that's all very touching, isn't it? But you signed away the rights to all your inventions, so C.I.D.D. is mine.”
Clyde Rickenbacker and Victor Verliezer[src]

“People are sheep! People are stupid, gullible puppets that I can manipulate at my whim! Who's the genius now?”
“Actually, it's still Clyde, because he didn't just say a bunch of horrible things about the public while we were live-streaming on our phones.”
Victor Verliezer and Melissa Chase[src]


Season One

Season Two


  • Victor's last name, "Verliezer", is the Dutch word for "Loser". This is one of the occasional Flemish/Dutch references made in the Milo Murphy's Law and Phineas and Ferb continuity. This also makes his full name an oxymoron, as "victor" is another word for "winner".
  • Victor seems to be based on co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs.
  • Victor bears resemblance to Tobias Trollhammer's assistant.
  • Joel McHale, the voice actor of Victor, also voices the Old Norm Head from Phineas and Ferb.

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