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— You know, this is a lot of work for one person. Could you do something?!
— I could. And I am, I'm eating pistachios. And now I'm playing the harmonica. Oh, great. Now it's clogged.

— Cavendish and Dakota, "Murphy's Lard"

Vinnie Dakota is a time traveler from the future who, alongside his partner, Balthazar Cavendish, was permanently banished to Milo's time.

He is voiced by Dan Povenmire.


Dakota tends to be very laid back and carefree, often enjoying simple pleasures and focusing on fun or incidental matters rather than the task at hand, which has a tendency to annoy Cavendish on some occasions. He is generally lazy when it comes to missions, preferring to let Cavendish do most of the work while he goofs around. He becomes much more passionate about participating when they are not acting under direct orders from their boss.

Dakota loves all kinds of food and tends to get excited anytime he can get his hands on it, often bringing it up as a topic of conversation in anticipation of their next meal.

MM act2 3

Milo seeing Dakota and Cavendish arguing.

While outwardly Dakota appears relaxed and simple, he can be very different when things get serious, often taking the lead and acting much more like an agent. When Milo accidentally travels to 2175 with him, Dakota immediately becomes very protective of his well-being, giving his companions instructions to keep them safe and quickly throwing himself in front of them when he needs to.

He's shown himself to have little regard for rules and regulations and has stolen high tech time gadgets from Brick and Savannah for the sake of fun more than once, much to the frustration of both his partner and the higher-class agents. After getting banished from time travel however, this trait is downgraded, and he becomes more responsible in order to live a stable life as he can.

While he tends to be better than Cavendish when it comes to critical thinking and acting on his feet, Dakota is not very book smart, often asking Cavendish the meaning of more complicated words. This gets on his nerves at one point, and he calls the latter out for using big words on purpose and talking down on him.


"We get to see actual live animals!"

Dakota has a deep love for animals, and by extension, the Zoo. When the duo gets sent on a mission there, Dakota shows overwhelming enthusiasm at being able to see 'actual live animals' and spends the rest of the day singing "the Zoo song" rather than focusing on the assignment. Entirely unlike his partner, Dakota has a vast knowledge on the subject of animals.

Physical Appearance[]

Dakota is a relatively short man with an olive complexion, dark eyes, and curly brown hair with obvious sideburns. He has a rather square face with a prominent nose and thick eyebrows that are often hidden beneath his shades.

He dresses in a style from the 1970s made up of a red and yellow tracksuit with a pair of completely white sneakers. The jacket of his tracksuit is red while the sleeves are yellow, ending in orange cuffs. The collar of his jacket is a darker red than the rest of the outfit, and the jacket itself is zipped down halfway, revealing a white undershirt and a gold chain necklace.

Finally, Dakota wears a pair of orange and yellow shades with tinted lenses that go notably unremoved, even in costume or old age.


When he was younger, Dakota had a thick brown afro. He wore a deep, burgundy jacket with darker colored collars and cuffs. The jacket had a gold button on each shoulder and wrist, and notable seams down the sleeves. Dakota wore a pair of olive-green pants with three vertical yellow rectangles on the outside of either leg, tucked into a pair of knee-high black boots with grey soles.

Old Age[]

In old age, Dakota's tracksuit has a more futuristic appearance, with an orange stripe that extends down from his left shoulder. The orange stripe on his pants is much thicker, and rounded at the top, while pale yellow straps extend over his white sneakers. His hair is grey and vastly receded, and he's developed wrinkles.


Click here to view the history of Vinnie Dakota.
Click here to view the history of Vinnie Dakota.

Skills and Abilities[]

Above Average Intellect: Despite his laidback, he is more smarter when he is in serious situations, as he is more competent to prevent Cavendish being killed, he even use Murphy's Law to his advantage with just short amount of time.

Peak Human Condition: He possesses above average athleticism that he can knock out a pistachion with a bag of clocks, while managed to outran them.


Balthazar Cavendish[]

Main article: Cavendish and Dakota's Relationship
DWRS (76)

Cavendish is Dakota's partner in the Bureau of Time Travel. While he tends to respect Cavendish's dedication to the task at hand, Dakota doesn't take his strictness seriously and often goofs off during their missions. He has gone out of his way to steal a number of time devices, usually from the other time travelling duo Brick and Savannah, as a surprise for his companion and continued to push for fun even after Cavendish lectures him over how dangerous they are.

Despite his laid-back personality clashing with Cavendish's passion, Dakota is shown to care deeply about his partner, calling him his best friend. Dakota even goes as far as to violate the rules of time travel by altering the timeline hundreds of time to repeatedly save Cavendish's life. Dakota rarely appears in episodes without Cavendish- even when Cavendish leaves Dakota behind to go rogue, Dakota searches constantly for him.

Milo Murphy[]

Main article: Dakota and Milo's Relationship
MM act3 67

Dakota with Milo.

Dakota was quick to become friends with Milo in spite of Cavendish's initial hostilities. He was the first to notice that Milo's presence seemed to coincide with the failure of their missions, but unlike Cavendish, did not jump to conclusions. Likewise, he continued to be friendly to Milo while his partner treated the boy as an enemy agent, and often rose doubt against the theory, reminding Cavendish that they had no evidence on the matter.

Dakota became protective of Milo while the three of them evaded the Pistachions, and the group later worked together to destroy King Pistachion. Afterward, Dakota gave Milo a clock from the timestream as a souvenir of their adventure. He's always happy to see Milo and greets him cheerfully whenever they cross paths.

Zack Underwood and Melissa Chase[]

While he doesn't know Milo's best friends as well as he does Milo, Dakota is on friendly terms with them. Initially, he'd met them when they confronted him at a middle school dance, unaware of their theory that he was a vampire hunter. Eventually, Milo formally introduced the group, and they went on to save the world together.

Mr. Block[]

PTS 54

Dakota looking at "YOU STINK" paper.

Mr. Block was Dakota's boss when he worked for the Bureau of Time Travel. While Mr. Block treated him with open contempt, Dakota tended to act as though they were on good terms and treated him in a friendly manner. Dakota was excited to find out more after finding out Mr. Block had gone to see a movie but got only a predictably harsh response when he asked. He didn't believe Block when the Pistachion invasion started, and instead assumed he was pulling a prank, likening it to other times Block had pranked them in the past.

After saving the world and failing to convince Mr. Block that they'd done so, Dakota came to resent the way Mr. Block treats them. While aware of the fact that Mr. Block has no memory of the Pistachion dominated timeline they'd prevented, he feels it's unfair that they don't get more credit for their effort.

Brick and Savannah[]

PTS 245

Dakota and Cavandish and other people at night.

Brick and Savannah were fellow agents in the Bureau of Time Travel. Dakota took their rude treatment in stride, largely ignoring it in favor of being friendly to them. While the first-class time travelers constantly treat him badly, he doesn't seem to dislike them in return and has even asked for favors on a number of occasions. After asking nicely to borrow their limo and receiving a rude rejection in return, Dakota didn't hesitate to steal it when the opportunity arose.

Dakota had stolen from Brick and Savannah on a number of occasions, both on purpose and on accident. While they seemed to know it was him taking their stuff, he always got away with it.

After having been demoted because of Brick and Savannah for destroying pistachios, Dakota, alongside Cavendish, had taken to doing all he could to ensure that the first-class agent's pistachio-based missions ended in failure. He understands their skill as agents, knowing full well that there was no way they'd fail a mission without intervention.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz[]

Main article: Dakota and Doofenshmirtz's Relationship

Dakota was excited to meet the great Professor Time, referring to him as 'a legend' during the elevator ride to his home. In spite of this, he acts much more casual towards Doofenshmirtz then Cavendish did. This continues as they go on their adventure, with Dakota questioning him for talking to Diogee and later excusing his slowness, instead blaming life in the sixties for having a slower pace.

When Cavendish begins shouting at Doofenshmirtz for being a disappointment, Dakota agrees with his impression, claiming Doofenshmirtz' voice was very annoying. Later, Dakota tries to stop Doofenshmirtz from being reckless while giving his speech, only for Cavendish to hold him back, claiming he was having a moment.

After having his memory erased by Cavendish, Dakota is approached by Doofenshmirtz while eating at Skate Ashbury. He shares his troubles at the latter's request and goes on to listen to Doofenshmirtz' own issues before sharing his food. After this they then decide to work together to find Cavendish.

When working together Dakota is forced to be more responsible and keep an eye on Doof to make sure he isn't messing around when they should be acting serious.


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“I could [do something]. And I am. I'm eating pistachios. And now I'm playing the harmonica. Oh great, now it's clogged.”
—Vinnie Dakota[src]
“We're going to the zoo. We're going to the zoo. And then, we're gonna see some animals!”
— Vinnie Dakota[src]
“If you're still alive can we go home now?”
—Vinnie Dakota[src]
“Forget that. If I win, you stuff your pants full of pistachios and dance to the zoo song. I will accompany.”
—Vinnie Dakota[src]
“Nah, he's pranking us. Remember the thing with the shaving cream? This is like that.”
—Vinnie Dakota[src]
“Yeah, but it's better than cleaning outhouses in the Renaissance. All you ever hear about are the paintings, they don't tell you about the stench.”
—Vinnie Dakota[src]
“He's Cavendish. Whadd'ya gonna do? ”
—Vinnie Dakota[src]
“Of course, I'd be breaking a lot of regulations, but... Oh, when has that ever bothered me!?”
—Vinnie Dakota[src]
“I'm starting to think maybe the size of the dinosaur was not the problem.”
—Vinnie Dakota[src]


Season One[]

Season Two[]


  • He is voiced by Dan Povenmire, one of the show's creators.[1]
  • His mother's maiden name is "Drowssap" which is "password" spelled backwards.
  • Dakota can play the harmonica, the clarinet, and the theremin.
  • Like his partner, Dakota is scarcely referred to by his first name.
  • Dakota served as the inspiration for the Doctor Zone character, Time Ape.
  • It was revealed that the reason parking meters exist is because of him leaving time vehicles all over time when he goes back to save Cavendish.
  • Dakota was the last character to be seen physically in Season 2.
  • Along with Cavendish, he technically hasn't been born yet.[2]
  • Dakota has his name in one episode title which is "The Island of Lost Dakotas".


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