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The Vtech headquarters.

Vtech Corp Inc., also known as V-Co, is a company most likely founded by Victor Verliezer. It is a technology company well known for the V-Phone, but they have also sold miscellaneous, non-technological products, such as V-Water.

The company was shut down since its first appearance in "A Clockwork Origin", when Victor's low opinion of his customers was livestreamed, and stockholders of the company sold their V-Co stocks in response.


  • V-Phone
  • V-Tablet
  • V-Water
  • V-V-Neck Sweater
  • C.I.D.D.


For many years, the company was a huge success. Clyde Rickenbacker invented C.I.D.D. and was fired as a result of his bad business decisions. C.I.D.D. and Clyde reunited and chased along with Milo, Zack, and Melissa. The company was shut down when Victor said bad things about people while the kids were recording. ("A Clockwork Origin")


  • Apple: The VPhone is a clear parody of the iPhone. All the other products have "V" in front of their names, a reference to Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod. Victor even appears to be a parody of Steve Jobs.


Fans (Pre-Shut Down)


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