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== Appearances ==
== Appearances ==
===Season 1===
* "[[Athledecamathalon]]"
* "[[Athledecamathalon]]"
===Season 2===
* "[[The Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event]]"

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Gender: Female
Professional Information
  Middletown Middle School Middlemen
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
Landry Bender
You are going down, Geckos!

— Wendy, "Athledecamathalon"

Wendy is the team leader of Middletown Middle School Middlemen. She competed alongside her team against the Geckos during the Athledecamathalon.

She is voiced by Landry Bender.


Wendy is smug, rude, and overconfident, and took to mocking the Geckos when they first met, immediately deciding they were going to lose. She trained hard for the competition, however, and was very strong in both the athletic section and the intelligence section. When Murphy's Law destroyed the field they were competing in, Wendy immediately protested having to continue, complaining to Mr. Drako about it.

Physical Appearance

Wendy has green eyes and light brown hair tied back in a tight bun. She wore the Middletown Middle School Middlemen team jumpsuit, which consists of a black and white jacket and black pants, all with red highlights. Additionally, she wore a pink headband.



“Our mascot is Murray the Middleman, who buys products from wholesalers and then sells them to retailers at a hefty profit!”

“You can’t possibly expect us to continue!”
—Wendy to Mr. Drako when the playing field is destroyed[source]


Season 1

Season 2


  • Wendy's name is never said during "Athledecamathalon" and was revealed at a press junket.
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