World Without Milo
Wrld WO Milo ibx
Season: 1
Production code: 118a
Broadcast order: 30
Written by:
Scott Peterson
Storyboards by:
Joseph S. Scott
Directed by:
Robert F. Hughes
Broadcast Information
U.S. Premiere:
September 28th, 2017
International Premieres:
see below
Paired with
"The Race"
I'm saying that Milo is a menace, and this world would be a better place without him!

— Elliot Decker

World Without Milo is the 30th episode in the first season of Milo Murphy's Law. It aired on September 28, 2017.[1]

Episode Synopsis

Elliot gets to see what the world would be like without Milo.


Elliot starts his day off helping kids cross the street until Milo arrives and Murphy's Law kicks in. This pattern continues for several more days until he is fed up and wishes Milo was never born. He says so, shocking the students. He wakes up the next day to find no trace of Milo at all, much to his enjoyment. But it is short-lived, as he realizes his job is boring without Milo.

He tries to compensate by making disasters, to no avail. He then runs into a squirrel who tells him he is nothing without Milo, then runs away, freaked out at a talking squirrel. He then runs into Dakota and Cavendish, who hear him screaming "Milo" and tell him that Dakota altered the space-time continuum so that Milo does not exist. They fix it, only for there to be five Milos. When Dakota notices, he says "We're on it."


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Diogee, Go Home!

(Elliot imagines Diogee's head. It barks. Milo's head reappears.)

Milo's head: Diogee, go home!



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International Airings

  • March 18, 2018 (Disney Channel Japan)[2]


  • In the first alternate universe:
    • Milo was never born, yet Milo balloons are made.
    • Zack and Melissa never met until the morning Elliot asked them about Milo.
    • Sara is an only child with a wiener dog.
    • Squirrels can talk.
    • Elliot, Cavendish, and Dakota are the only people who are aware of Milo.
  • In the second alternate universe, there are at least five Milos.
  • Elliot claimed that he and Sara went to the same high school when he was a senior and she was a sophomore.
  • Elliot interacts with Sara again. ("Missing Milo")
  • Elliot interacts with Cavendish and Dakota for the first time.
  • Second time Elliot sings. ("Disaster of My Dreams")
  • Third episode to feature Milo's name in the title. ("Going the Extra Milo", "Missing Milo")
  • Elliot and Bradley have their second interaction. ("Disaster of My Dreams")



  • There are four errors regarding the leash Sara is holding:
    • The dog isn't wearing a collar for the leash to be attached to.
    • As Sara and the dog turn around the leash passes through the dog's body.
    • The leash also passes through Sara's hand as she turns.
    • After Sara turns, the leash has a loop sticking out the other side of her hand which it didn't before.
  • Kris and Wally are seen entering Jefferson County Middle School (they're high-school-age).
  • Elliot yells, "Let safety reign!" In the sequence of scenes showing reactions to the echo;
    • Mrs. Brulee's eyes are all blue.
    • The two characters seen on skateboards were among those standing by Elliot in front of the school.
    • There are different characters in front of the school when the sequence ends than when it began.
  • Some of the characters who are on the sidewalk when the truck goes out of control were seen entering the school a moment earlier.


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