"World Without Milo" is a folk/rock song sung by Elliot Decker in the episode "World Without Milo".


Elliot: If Milo weren't around, if he wasn't here
If that Murphy kid would only disappear
I'd start to sing and dance, heck I might even cheer
Put on my party pants, I wouldn't shed a tear

The world would be a safer place
Without his little infrastructure crushing face
I'm really only thinking of the human race
And how much better off we'd be if Milo were in space

Every day, the sun would shine
We'd hear the bells of safety chime
I'd retire this caution sign
There'd be no peril, risk, jeopardy, or hazards
In a world without Milo
In a world without Milo
In a world without Milo
In a world without Milo
In a world without Milo


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  • This song appears to be a style parody of "Happy Together" by The Turtles, having subdued instrumentation during the first verse, and upbeat instrumentation during the chorus.
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