Yeti Smile
Gender: Male
Species: Yeti
Height: Taller than Cavendish
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Picture Day"

A yeti/abominable snowman that appears in Season 2 of Milo Murphy's Law.


This yeti is an quite intelligent creature. He knows how to take selfies.

Physical Appearance

This yeti is covered in white hair except for his feet, face, and hands. His eyes are blue with yellow sclera. He also has a light gray mustache and sharp teeth.


He was chased by Cavendish and Dakota when they wanted his picture as a way to impress their new boss. Afterwards he took a selfie with Cavendish's phone, but it got switched with a phone that Chad was using.


Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota

When Cavendish first saw him in Nepal, he and Dakota immediately started to chase him down to take a picture of him. After Cavendish and Dakota stopped chasing him down, he generously took a selfie of himself for them.




Yeti Smash
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