Gender: Male
Species: Koala
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Picture Day"

Zippy is the fastest koala in the world and is therefore also known as Zippy, The World's Fastest Koala. He has his own theme song, which tends to play when he appears.

Physical Appearance

Zippy is a koala with gray fur. In "Picture Day", he wears a purple mask with a red Z on the forehead with a purple cape and a black underpants. He is seen without his mask and cape in "Ride Along Little Doggie".


In "Picture Day", Zippy is being stored in a crate at the airport before Murphy's law promptly causes it to break open, releasing the Koala. He goes on to cause trouble at the airport, destroying some property and hijacking a cart before driving away. Zippy then raced towards the terminal exits, where his ruckus caused Cavendish and Dakota to board the wrong flight. Soon after, Zippy was arrested by the police as a suspect for all the chaos. As witnesses, Milo, Melissa, and Zack were brought to the police station to identify which of the five suspects was the perpetrator, and they easily picked Zippy out of the human suspects. When Murphy's law kicked in again, Zippy took advantage of all the chaos and manage to escape while riding on a police dog. He appeared yet again in a musical montage in which he messes up a photoshoot with Tobias Trollhammer.

In "Ride Along Little Doggie", he requests a ransom of 400 pounds of eucalyptus leaves for the return of Rex, the police dog he stole. He is seen on a motorcycle with a bounded and muzzled Rex and shakes the two officers, Fuller and Hastings, by driving into a drainage pipe. They later find him leading squirrels in stealing motorcycle parts at his hideout. They cuff him but he escapes when they are not looking and steals their squad car.



“Zippy, the world's fastest koala! He's always running around!”
—Zippy theme song


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