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The end of the world as we know it! ...will return after these important messages.

— Zorb Zerbavoir, "Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space"

Zorb Zerbavoir is an Octalian newscaster for the planet Octalia.


Zorb is determined to get the best takes he can on the story he's following for his newscast, even going as far as to continue his broadcast and interviews near enough to the Sphere of Calamity to get harmed himself. In spite of his story being the 'end of the world as they know it', he continues to try advertising products and cutting the program for 'important messages'.

He is very specific and straightforward when asking for an interview, to the point he behaves obnoxiously and barely allows the interviewee a chance to begin speaking.

Physical Appearance

Zorb is a bright orange Octalian with a sheet of black hair that falls to one side of his face. His hair has a small grey streak through it, and he sports a tiny black mustache on his upper lip.

He wears a deep green open jacket with a darker green lapel and cuffs over a purple shirt with a bright red, downturned collar and a long, thin white tie.


In "Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space", he's the first to give news of Milo Murphy arriving on Octalia to stop the Sphere of Calamity. He later confronts Milo before his first battle and asks him how he's feeling. Before the second attempt of fighting the Sphere of Calamity, he commentates on the fight and promotes "Vorpel Wrap". He tries to interview Orgeluth once the battle had been won.


“This just in... the Earthling, Milo Murphy, is here to save us! One small slip up on his part could mean the end of everything we've ever known, or will know! Good luck, kid... our lives are in your hands!”
—Zorb Zerbavoir[src]

“Milo! Milo! How would you describe your emotions right now? Just right now. Just your emotion. Your emotion. Just... right now.”
—Zorb Zerbavoir[src]

“The end of the world as we know it... will return after these important messages.”
—Zorb Zerbavoir[src]

“This is Zorb Zerbavoir, here with the battle of the century... Milo Murphy versus the Sphere of Calamity! Only one will survive! ...Brought to you by Vorpel Wrap, when your Vorpels need to stay fresh.”
—Zorb Zerbavoir[src]